Case study


The client approached us with a difficult task – to name and visualize this bold idea of a new, niche bistro concept. However, the blank slate we started with gained more concrete shapes the second we finished our initial strategy workshop. Working in this way gave us useful insights into the client’s values, helping us develop their positioning which inspired the rest of our work.


Inspiration for the name came from understanding the client’s passion for meat and the meat-cooking process itself. The meat is slowly cooked for hours, after which it’s tender structure is quickly shredded into pieces and served. Cooks for that little while became vandal-like — changing meat’s original form and creating a new tasteful experience.

Identity for savages

Aiming to highlight the bold name and niche strategy, we created raw, striking and rich visual language. No two buns are the same, even tough the ingredients are. We encompassed this insight by combining two fonts and crafting a special mark with sprayed-like bistro name. Patterns, illustrations and a contrasting palette consisting of red, black and grey was chosen to underline the whole experience.

Our main focus was to create a high-quality design system that will leave room for both creativity and scalability. We created a brand that can grow with Vandal’s concept and franchise.

Michaela Fiasová, Brand Designer

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