Case study


We joined forces with the Angee team to refresh their strategy, visual identity and unify their visual language across multiple touchpoints.

Identity refresh

The owl-inspired logo has represented Angee from the very beginning. Inspired by the product’s wise functions itself, we refined the logo’s shape and created a rich visual language of patterns, colours and icons, using them across various mediums and platforms.

Meet Angee

To introduce Angee to the broader market and at CES 2018, we created a series of ads, showcasing Angee’s features and abilities. They helped the Angee to win.

A beautiful utility

Whilst collaborating with the Angee team, we helped to define the product strategy, user experience and visual design for the responsive web platform and mobile app ecosystem.

Angee is part of a new wave of solutions which have been appearing on the market. They are based on intelligent data management and smart hardware.

Tomáš Turek, Angee CEO

To infinity and beyond

Since a successful crowdfunding campaign, Angee has been introduced to the market and is now protecting the homes and privacy of its users. Our joint efforts continue that tradition, bringing cohesion and clarity to the brand at every touchpoint, from the app to the product’s packaging.

  • Strategy

    Research & Insight
    Goal-Boosting Workshops
    Brand & Product Strategy

  • Design

    Art & Creative Direction
    Brand Design
    Visual Design
    Icons & Illustrations
    Website UX/UI
    Mobile Apps UX/UI

  • Production

    Content Production
    Motion Picture