Twenty passionate people,
plus one crazy dog.


  • Trust — If a Soulmate fails, we fix it together
    and learn from it.

  • Excitement — We get as excited about new projects
    as a child gets about ice cream.

  • Courage — Sometimes we have courage
    to fight clients, sometimes bears,
    which is easier.

  • Empathy — Even though we might not agree
    with you, we will at least try.

  • Consistency — Our commitment to excellence.

  • Expertise — Together, we know.

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    Our mission is to build meaningful brands with purpose, combining refined design aesthetics with strategic alignment. We look at things from a different perspective to help our clients see the bigger picture. We show them how to take action; to successfully navigate their brand in an ever-changing world. We ask the right questions, translating each brand’s rationale into innovative, profound and relevant experiences that people love — both online and offline.

    Introducing the team – a cross-functional mix of very talented & highly driven individuals. They keep Soulmates running smoothly & ensure we exceed expectations.

    • Leadership

    • Hynek Sochor

      Founder & Operations

    • Design Team

    • Matyáš Sochor

      Lead Digital Designer

    • Maxim Sosna


    • Thomas Habr

      Designer & Photographer

    • Jaromír Květoň


    • Michaela Fiasová

      Michaela Fiasová


    • Sandra Brecka


    • Marketing

    • Tomáš Schwarz

      Campaign Director

    • Copywriter

    • Sarah "Spadge" Nunn


    • Advisor

    • Tomáš Mrkvička

      Senior Strategist

    • Matouš Barnat

      Senior Developer

    Work could be stressful, but be sure we have
    enough alcohol to kill it.


    At Soulmates, we build brands for companies that are changing the world. If you’d like to collaborate with us, then we’d love to know.

    Making the simple complicated
    is commonplace but making the complicated simple,
    awesomely simple, that’s true creativity.